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An experienced team of dentists for excellent oral care in Ipswich

Oral care

Meet the team

The qualified and experienced staff at Staffa Lodge Dental Group are dedicated to your oral health and will always ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable at our facility in Ipswich. 

We have been providing effective dental solutions in Ipswich for more than 40 years. If you have a dental condition and are feeling nervous about undergoing the dental procedure required to rectify the condition, our caring staff will dispel your worries. We will ensure you receive stress-free services for healthy teeth and excellent oral hygiene. 

If you are looking for friendly and compassionate dentists for complete dental care and specialist treatments, 
call Staffa Lodge Dental Group Ltd on
01473 741 720
Company Number 09485309

Our dentists: 

Dr Nicholas Mann BDS (Partner)
GDC number: 56642

Dr Timothy Neill BDS
GDC number : 81060

Dr Mark Tearle BDS (Partner)
GDC number: 59619

Dr Eszter Torok BDS
GDC number: 85034

Dr Clive Gosling BDS (Partner) 
GDC number: 68098

Dr Elspeth Moffat BDS
GDC number: 67998

Dr Mary Pattison BDS (Partner)
GDC number: 63459

Dr Markus Stapf BDS
GDC number: 108454

Dr Rachael Spencer BDS
GDC number: 70595

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Oral care experts

Our Hygienists for your oral care:

Tessa Greaves
GDC number: 1973

Joanna Webber
GDC number: 5876

Angela Leech
GDC number: 4517

Angela Porter
GDC number: 4032

Rachael Chappell
GDC number: 103701  

Michelle Bygrave
GDC number: 228391

Dora Farkas
GDC number: 151588

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